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Missing and liking part1

Posted on: June 2, 2014

It has been a month since i moved back to penang for good. However there’s still certain things i miss.

So, i miss:
– my own space, my home. Currently we are staying with my in laws until my job here is confirmed. So, i miss having my own space. Of doing my own things in my own way.

-my wardrobe in kl. I’m a shopping addict. I shopped every month. Thats why i need to work. I hv huge closet back in kl. Now, until we got our own space, i hv to survived on smaller closet n most of my clothes are still in the suitcases!

– my freedom. Not that i am being tied here but due to my lack of sense of directions and of how i hv to endure jams to go to mall/beach/parks, i hardly going out these days. And i hv to depend on my husband! Which i dont really like cos i like being independent and do my own things, taking my own sweet time etc.

– malls. The office in kl is next to a mall. I miss that. Of how i can just go into any stores just to get the best bargains. Window shoppings. Ice creams, desserts, all are just few minutes away.

– mbg fruits stall. I do juice everyday. There were days that i’m just super lazy n didnt do it but most of the time it become a daily routine. I used to get fresh fruits from mbg stall. Their’s are the best. And then, when i came to penang, there’s no mbg here! Giants, tesco, even cold storage dont hv the freshest fruits! But i discover new place now, the evening markets! 🙂 not as good as mbg but still as fresh!


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