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Langkawi trip

Posted on: July 8, 2014

Had a nice break at Langkawi last 2 weeks. So relaxing, we can sleep at any time we want and there’s no shouting or screaming. Cos Danish was left behind, hehehe.

Up until we about to board the plane, I keep on saying to husband, poor Danish, I wish we could bring him along. Husband just shook his head. Well, its his idea after all to leave Danish behind and though I know we need that, it just broke my heart. I felt guilty enjoying the silence huhuh

But I guess couples especially young parents need that. A break from their kids once in a while. To rejuvenate and rekindle the love with ur partner.

It was not a plan vacation. I’ve been bugging husband to go somewhere for quick getaway
and was thinking of Bukit Merah. But the water chalet was sold out! And so I googled and found cheap flight from penang to Langkawi by malindo air. And so, there we were.

We stayed for 3 days 2 night at a new resort called Dayang Bay Resort. It’s was just launched in December 2013 and I like staying at new hotel. There’s no dusty smell and the staff try much harder to please you so normally with new hotel, there’s not much to complain about.

I love the hotel view. The hotel is in Kuah and facing the sea. We can see yacht and boats parked, the nice blue sea, it was beautiful. Unfortunately there’s no beach hence you can just view the sea but not enjoying the water. But the hotel have nice pools. The kids pool got see saw in it and the usual slides and mushroom raindrops. There’s big pool for the adult and another smaller pool for ladies only. I never seen a pool cater for ladies before so it was a good surprise.

The last time I went to Langkawi was when I was in college I think. And my husband last trip was when he was in high school! So long! Anyway, we didn’t do the touristy stuffs; i.e makam mahsuri, island hopping or cable car cos we did that before. Instead, we spend a lot of our times in and out of shops and malls!

Mother in law ordered a plate set and we’ve been scouring almost all the shop in Langkawi for the best deal. And we’ve been spending a lot on chocolates too, particularly on Peppero and Whittakes. Yummy!!

We did went to galleria perdana though cos I insisted, hahaha. Just curious to see what our former PM received in the past. The entrance is just rm5 and I like the deco inside the museum.

Oh yeah, if you happen to go Langkawi and looking for food, I can recommend to have lunch at Wan Thai Restaurant. It is in Kuah, shops behind KFC. It’s so famous in Langkawi that if you didn’t make any reservation in advance, you could go away with empty tummy. Or you could try our trick, we went for lunch around 2++, after the lunch crowd has quieten down hence we got ourselves some empty seat.

For dinner, we’ve been wanting to try wonderland seafood restaurant near bella vista hotel. It was closed on Friday night and we got lost looking for Wan Thai that we ended up at some stall nearby bella vista. Please don’t go there. I don’t know why some sellers couldn’t just at least cook decently, I meant, we are paying, why cannot they do it properly? We ordered fried rice, tomyam and fried egg. The egg is so oily, the tom yam doesn’t taste like a tomyam and my husband said his fried rice taste way better, huhu. Not a good dinner at all.

So on Saturday night, we think ahead. If the wonderland closed, we will go to Pantai Cenang area for dinner. Fortunately it is open and the dishes are way much tastier than the previous night. It is cheap as well 

Oh, please go and try roti canai at the foodcourt before jetty terminal as it is sooo delicious! We went again on Sunday morning around 10am and all roti canai has been sold out!

Husband also tried burger bakar from E’e stall or something. He said that’s the best burger bakar he tasted so far. They do delivery as well, we had them delivered to our hotel!

So, nice break indeed. I’m not sure I want to go again though, there’s not much to do. Well, if the flight is cheap, I guess Langkawi is a nice place to relax 


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