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The lost of akhlaq

Posted on: July 9, 2014

It sadden me how people behave these days. Respect is not there anymore. I write in relation to the lady who acted so unladylike or muslim like over a small incidents and the palestine israel war.

I read the comments from the keyboard warriors. Most of them condemning the lady and the israel in words that doesnt reflect how a muslim should react. It’s embarassing.

I read somewhere the problem with muslims today is the akhlaq. There’s no more respect, emphaty, or a bit of care. All are filled with selfish, ego, looking down on people etc.

This is really sad. And it made me scared. Over and over, my thoughts is filled with how should i bring danish up with a good behaviour? How to make sure he hv the best akhlaq as how a muslim should. This is scary.

And over and over i hv to remind myself too, to not be like that. To think good of ppl no matter how bad they seems to be. To try and be in their shoes before judging.

And, to must becareful of how i react, isn’t it funny, we know Allah watch us all the time and now, only when we live in a world with smartphones and all, we realize our actions could be recorded and showed to the public anytime, and only then we began to behave. For the fear if shame in public, not cos of shame to Allah. Huhu


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