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Me me me

Posted on: September 9, 2014

1- i’m a bookworm! I need at least one book a month or i feel miserable.
2- when i was in primary school, i followed my mum to relative house in kampung and the only reading material there is a dictionary, which i ended up reading.
3- i decided to be an accountant when i was 15. Now i wish i’m an engineer instead
4- i tried writing a novel when i was 15. Finished my one n only novel when 16 and i printed few copies of it and distribute them at the dorm. Lol.
5- don’t like horror movies cos the character will appear in my dream and it’s super scary ok!
6- i like funny people. I like laughing. I like comedy.
7- i must sleep with socks on.
8- i think i’m an introvert.
9- most people 1st impression on me is i’m snobbish and arrogant. I’m not that bad once u know me :p
10-i prefer to smile and hide my probs.
11- i can keep a secret.
12- people like to tell me their problems. I think i’ll be a good shrink
13- i can be friendly and rude, depends on ur attitude and my mood.
14- i like to read people and try to understand their action.
15- love scarfs. Love shopping.
16- i like toys. Esp those science stuffs. Can’t wait for danish to grow up so we could play together.
17- i dont like driving but it’s better than walking!
18- i like to sleep, esp in class!
19- i cannot drink coffee or i’ll get upset tummy
20- i love to eat and can eat anything, halal of course!


2 Responses to "Me me me"

oh ya.. i think u can be a writer. i like ur style of writing

Awww, thanks babe. Need to get out of my laziness and start drafting story plan hehe

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