Blurt It Out!!


Posted on: October 9, 2014

I don’t quite understand why some people are so nosy abt other ppl. ‘Other ppl’ which are not close to them.

My brain is full of thoughts on myself and family that seriously, unless you are on my close people list, i don’t care you do whatever that u do.

Earlier today i was figuring out why my mood is kinda gloomy today. I cursed a lot while driving today and wondered what is it that push me to react that way. I hate having negative feelings inside me so i always want to know how, why and when such feelings trigger.

When i’m going home later, i will observe danish behaviour, see the effect of my reaction/words on him. Figuring out the effective way to deal with his tantrums and the fastest way to boost his positive energy.

I’ll be thinking abt my husband too. How, what way should i talk or do so i can be a good partner to him.

See, my mind is occupied all time! I dont hv time to think abt other ppl behaviour. If that person behaviour gave negative feelings to me, i will just avoid them. I am good at avoiding, hahaha.

Few months back, a close colleague heard other people talk abt me at surau (prayer room). They said how snobbish i was that i didnt mingle around with other people. Do i think i’m so great?

That colleague was praying and had hard time to focus! She had to recite the same surah over n over again, hahaha.

When she told me abt it, i was laughing hard. Really, i don’t care. Again, unless u on my close ppl list, i hv no intention being nice to u so u will hv this beautiful thought of me.

For me, i chose who i befriend with. I chose with whom i get friendly and rude. Cos my close people list is exclusive! Hehe. No really, i just want to avoid headache. I dont like getting close and be involved with whatever the problems they hv later.

I figured that people like telling me their problems. I think it’s a gift. And to only selected people. (I am super sarcastic right? ;)-another gift! )


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