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Kidland- penang

Posted on: October 10, 2014

I don’t hv much work to do lately hence all this recent entries.

Few weeks ago, i brought danish to kidland at prangin mall. Kidland is like a mini kidzania but have enough activities for your child to spend the whole day there.

The entrance fee is so much cheaper than kidzania, if i remembered correctly, around rm45 for kid and rm5 for adult.

Danish love it there. He like the idea of work and getting paid for it. Future workaholic? Huhu

Anyway, danish start with being fireman. I always thought he’s taller than his actual age but when we were there, surrounded by big kids, he look so small! Haha. But he hv big self confidence, he followed what the big kids doing, he even laugh it off when one of the instructor tease him. Then he told me that instructor is funny and he just laughed. Hehe. He seems to follow instruction quite well from strangers so i think he’ll be ok when he go to school.

So, all this activities/role play is being divided into few ‘room’. It took around 30 mins for one activity. There’s an instructor for each xtvt. And adult is not allowed to be involved in any of this xtvt. We just wait outside the room and watch.

In fireman activity, they get to wear cute fireman jacket and hat. Then the instructor will brief the kids abt fireman job. Then they will queue and march to the ‘blaze’ building to put out the fire. He was so proud of it, actual hose and water and even if thats not real fire, it was fun spraying the water at it!

At the end of the xtvt, he got paid for doing a good job! He’s so happy, i got paid! Haha

Then he did ‘army’ xtvt. In this xtvt, u hv to pay using the kidland money to do it. There are xtvt where u get money for work and u hv to spend money to do a non work xtvt.

In this army xtvt, he hv to climb a small wall, walk across small hanging bridge, run across the tyres block, walk like a frog and use laser gun to shoot at bad guys. Being danish, he gotten curious with the laser light and start aiming at the ceiling and elsewhere. Lol.

Then he join the marching band xtvt. Actually he wanted to join cos he saw some drum set in there and he thought he could play with it. But at the time he joined, it was marching session. So he was dress up in marching costumes, the instructors briefed them on what to do and off, they marched through the whole kidland. Being the smallest in the pack have an advantage as the instructor hold his hand and guide him through the whole march. It was fun and funny! He was excited! He received his pay after the xtvt too!

Then he play train driver, baker (they did french toast), doctor, pilot.

At the end of the day, there’s still loads to play and he didnt want to go back.

As for me, kidland is super boring cos all i do is wait for him doing all this activities. But looking at him smile and having fun, sure, i will go again and will bring nice book to read.


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