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Danish off to preschool

Posted on: November 4, 2014

3rd november 2014
Today is danish first day to preschool. He’s going to be 4 next year so we thought it is the right time to send him off, learning social skills.

I took a day off today, with great expectation. We send him to school, telling him we would just send him and later we would pick him up.

He waved goodbye and off he went inside. He was so cool and i am not. I guess i did hope he will cry and scream not wanting to let go of mummy, huhu.

We enrolled him for half day session. At 11.50, we already at the entrance, anxiously waiting.

Oh yeah, i sms the teacher around 10am asking if he’s ok. And another sms half an hour later asking if he has eaten any breakfast.

At 12, he saw me, smiling and waving. The teacher gave him his drawings to show it to the parents. At first glance, my heart sunk. The teacher did the drawing cos all the colors are inside the lines. I asked danish and he confirmed that he only draw few lines. Sigh

I asked him excitedly, what did u do at school today? Do u met lots of friends?

‘I’m not telling u anything mummy.”
He respond grumpily.

Then he screamed that he’s wet cos he peed on his pant cos he’s so shy to take off his pant before going to the toilet. Something mummy hv to work on later or he will hv all his pants smelly.

I’m not sure abt the school too. They are new but they are part of a big franchise so their HQ has provided them with materials and training.

Oh well, i just hope he had fun there and learn useful things while he’s at it.


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