Blurt It Out!!


Posted on: November 20, 2014

My current office is full of drama. I think because its much smaller than my previous office, everybody seems to know everything abt everyone. Rumors spread within few minutes. Thats the problem with small office i think, u really cannot get away.

It made me more cautious of my actions. I’m much more friendlier than before, trying not too hurt anybody. Not for the sake of people pleasing, but for the sake of peace in my heart n mind.

I’ve seen what happen when u cross few people. They will make ur life miserable! They be tough on ur mistakes instead of letting it pass. Oh, i so dont want that to happen!

Back in big office, when u cross few people, its not much of big deal cos theres whole lot more people u can deal with. And office rumors take time to spread too.

Reminded me of school days; bullies, competition, politics, sigh.


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