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Being a tiger

Posted on: January 15, 2015

After finishing the tiger mother book, i figured i should try the basic, pressuring and push your child to do it eventhough the kid don’t like-this is for their future!

Went home, play as usual with danish. We went to grocery store and danish demand a toy. Normally, i would say, no toys, they r expensive , get broken and you like to throw it away. No toys.

This usually end up with him begging for toys, crying at the store and i eventually gave up and buy the toy.

Today i’m determined. I’m going to be tough, like the tiger mother.

I ended up telling him off, threaten to leave him there if he want toy and walk away. No toy tonight!

Now the bedtime. I really wish my kid could sleep early as western kid. Nope! He sleep around 12, when i’m dead tired. Then the next morning we had to struggle to get him to wake up and go to school. School start at 8 but he usually reach there around 9-9.30. Already missing a lot of activities.

He’s 4, doesn’t recognize A B C or 1 2 3 or even colors yet! My friend daughter who’s younger than him can already read peter & jane! I tried not think much abt it, i feared if i push him to learn now, he will dislike learning later, seeing it some sort of punishment. I want him to enjoy learning and take his time but but, what if this made him behind his peers and affect his future?
Arghhh, stressful mummy!

So tonight i scolded him, being tough , asking him to just go to sleep, it’s 11 anyway! Of course i tried the nicer way first, talk softly, cajoled him to sleep but nope, he throw a tantrum! Damn all those books on how to make ur kid listen to u!

I hate it when i scold him, push him. Is it really for the better? I dont know! What kind of mother should i be? Stress stress


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