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Tiger mother

Posted on: January 15, 2015

#battlehymnoftigermother by #amychua made me glad my mum is not like that. I don’t totally reject the whole thing, i mean, it does made me wonder if i should adapt some of this ‘chinese mothers’ way in raising my son.

It hit me on the part about ‘happiness’, where kids raised by western parents who’s more flexible is not actually happier when they are older, compared to kids raised in strict household. It made me think raising kids in happy environment, not being strict and letting them do what they want doesn’t necessarily mean they be happier adult.

My parents are strict, as most Asian parents are. There were times while growing up, i hate them bcos of those strict rules. Now, i dont hv resentment towards them. I’m glad they hv those strict rules and i would do the same to my kid. And i’m happy now , no trauma from childhood memories or anything!

Now i wonder if i should drill my 4 y.o with writing the alphabets. He doesnt recognise letters yet! A tiger mother?


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