Blurt It Out!!

Copy cat

Posted on: January 23, 2015

I need to jot this down.

Danish pour some baby oil on the floor infront of our bedroom door earlier.

When i entered, he asked, “did u slip?”
I said no, why?
D: nothing
Me: what did u do? *mummy suspicious alert on*
He explained and showed me the spot.
It is slippery and u could slip if u in a hurry.
I realised what he’s doing. He’s copying what he saw. He watched “cat in the hat” last night and i remembered dozens of other cartoon showed how hilarious it was to make other people slip.

We mopped the floor and goes on long lecture why such thing is wrong. I even threatened him that if he did stuff like that again, i wont let him watch cartoon or shows anymore, if he’s going to follow the bad example.

Yeah, screen time is bad for kids. The struggle and stress in raising kids with all this advanced technology, sigh.


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