Blurt It Out!!

House down!!

Posted on: March 7, 2015

The whole house is down with flu and cough. Vicks are everywhere and i just know that manuka honey is special. So many kinds of honey in the kitchen right now, manuka, raw honey, madu tualang, yeap, we sure got everything.

And lemons with honey, apple cider vinegar with honey, garlic and ginger with honey, we had tried them all. 

My rib cage feels like breaking apart, this coughing is so painful. I cringe at the idea that when i’m old and grey, i bet coughing at that age must be super painful. I really got to build up my antibody. MUST GO BACK TO JUICING! I have not been juicing for few months now, taking my health for granted and then wham!!! All this pain! And headache. And cold. 

Its been a week now. Hope we get better real soon. 

Oh, ginger + garlic in boiling water, add 2 spoonful of honey and a slice of lemon, it really help lessen the pain when coughing. I feel like there’s a buffer to my rib cage. 


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