Blurt It Out!!


Posted on: March 12, 2015

I’ve read another statement about malays are stupid, malays are lazy, chinese is better in everything. 


I think, people who are making this statement doesn’t mix around a lot with other races. 

Just like  how most malaysians think that foreigners are much clever. 

I have a few chinese friends. Some are lazy, coming to work late and not performing the work up to expectation. Some are very hardworking, and clever that he became our dictionary and sifu back during my audit time. There’s also some who quite slow in doing things. 

The thing is, the above statement does not only apply to my chinese friends. It also applies to my malay, indian and mat salleh friends! I’m very fortunate that my current job allow me to mingle and be close to a lot of people, different races, countries and religion. I really learned a lot.

At my current workplace, one of my indian friend is pursuing her first degree. She’s 33 years old. She’s now doing long distance degree in Mathematics. Physics is one of her minor subject. Currently she’s a clerk, hardworking and clever. If she got a degree in the first place, i think she be in better position. I didnt ask about her background, why only now she study for degree. I just listened to her stories about her studies and how proud i am to know her, working and studying hard to improve her life.

I also know a malay colleague. She work very hard that she often sleep at the office. She literally sleep at the office whole night and went to gym for shower and changed clothes. And of course, my ex malay colleagues back when i was in audit, very hardworking, successful and clever.

So to generalise a particular race is just wrong! People is people, it’s their behaviour. Yes, their culture, their environment growing up mould them to who they are but to just pin point at one person and associate that person with what other people of the same race is doing, is wrong!!! 

Being in Penang, racism is quite bad. Even in my in laws household, there’s always a racism remarks. I hate that. I hate that danish is growing up with racism 😦


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