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Langkawi trip

Posted on: April 5, 2015

We just got back from langkawi. 4 days 3 night in langkawi, just the 3 of us. 

It was amazing. Danish didn’t want to go back to penang, hehe. But langkawi sure burnt a hole in our pocket with all the tourist attractions! Sigh

We reached there on thursday evening, straight to the hotel, i chose adya hotel, another new hotel. The hotel staff was great, the breakfast spread changes the whole time we there and the pool is marvelous! I love the pool cos it has separate pool for ladies, in fact, it’s an indoor pool so u can swim even when it rains! There’s a small shallow parts for kids so we really enjoy ourself there. What i didn’t like about this hotel is the bed size. It’s a small queen size and with a toddler in between, it does get cramped. 

Thursday – in the evening we went to pantai tengah. Danish had fabulous time chasing the baby crabs and digging those tiny holes. Later at night, we just went for dinner at our favourite restaurant, wonderland. 

Friday was a long day. We went to wildlife park, we all love it as it gave us opportunity to be close to the animals, feeding them. We’ve been wanting to try feeding the crocs, unfortunately they hv feeding on alternate days and friday is not šŸ˜¦

Oh, the entrance fee is rm18 for adult and rm15 for kid.

Next is the penguins!! The entrance fee is rm 30 for adult and rm20 for kid. Frankly, the underwater world is quite nice and big. The area is clean. However, to make full use of paying the fees, its better if u plan the visit at the same time as the penguin feeding time. It does get quiet boring looking at the penguins doing nothing through the glass. 

Our next stop was the cable car. I tried on it 12 years back and it just get crowded. I did feel scared as it goes higher but danish was so excited and keep saying he want to go again. Entrance fee: rm55 for 3 of us.

Near the cable car is a new 3d museum. I’ve been wanting to go there and took cool photos. The fee is quite expensive, rm30 for adult and rm20 for kid. 

We managed to capture photos until we exit before our phone died. Lucky indeed! 

It was around 4pm when we finished all these tourist stuffs, we thought for a dip at the beach but the sun was super hot and all of us is exhausted really so back to the hotel. 

Danish however still hv lots of energy so i took him for a swim. I was so tired that i nearly fall asleep in the pool!! Hahaha. Fortunately the pool close at 7. 

We had our dinner at artisan pizza that night. It was recommended by a lot of people as the best pizza you shouldn’t miss. Frankly, i think it is better than pizza hut, similar to dominoes. The chicken wings was tasty. 

Saturday- woke up quite late, rushed for breakfast before they close. Then off to pantai pasir tengkorak. We chose this beach cos it has a public toilet, unfortunately it’s not really well maintained.

We arrived there at 12 noon, scorching hot! Even the white sand is hot. And there’s quite a lot of people. The beach is short, the area is not long so it can get crowded when ppl start coming in. Fortunately we found a shady area and just swim. The beach is really nice. You can see the bottom and small fishes swimming- a bliss! We build castle, cover each other with sands and chase the crabs. 

The not so good part is cleaning up. The toilet was dirty and lack of water. And we had to pay to use it too! Huhuhu

Nearby the beach is a crocodile farm. Yeah, they literally grow crocs there, so many of them! 

We planned our visit to coincide with the show so it was great! If not, your visit will only involved looking at sleeping crocs, quite boring really. Total fees for 3 of us is rm50. You can also buy small pallets to feed the  baby crocs. The food stink though. 

I think they kinda hypnosise the big croc during the show cos the croc just lay still there with mouth open, even after the show ended! The trainer kiss the croc and even put his hand inside the mouth and the croc just be still, like a statue. Doesn’t look normal to me. Still, the thrill is there when he want to kiss and put his hand inside.

Then we went back to the hotel. Had dinner at wan thai restaurant. Delicious!

Sunday- start our morning with breakfast and off to the pool for the last time. Did some chocolate shopping, had lunch at red tomato i  pantai cenang. I’ve been craving for egg benedict so i ordered those, it was good but i like Ben’s in bangsar better. Ohhh i do miss KL foods.

That ends our langkawi trip. Next time, i want to try the mangrove tour, swim at tanjung rhu and fishing at the beach!!! 


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