Blurt It Out!!


Posted on: April 7, 2015

Ohhhh i hate those who bragged. And with the existence of social media these days, it bring bragging to a new level. 

Especially when the caption has words like ‘blessed’, ‘grateful’ etc

Ok, my entry hv words like that too but in my defense, it’s on my blog, for my own memories and which has limited readers, not on my fb or instagram (ig). I do sometimes make some post private, as i’m unsure how the reader would feel. 

I read somewhere, think thoroughly before u post on fb or ig. 

If u post about food, the reader could be someone who didn’t hv enough money or maybe sick and hv to be on strict diet

If u post about holiday, the reader may hv limited fund, just enough to live by

If u post abt ur kid, husband, family, your reader could be praying hard for a kid, a spouse or maybe just lost whole family

If u post about ur purchases, pls remember shopping is a luxury to many

Yes, it’s their problem and your right to post all these things, just please, hv compassion. Do think abt others. What good it brings sharing with the world everything abt your life? When most it does is bring envy to others?

Remember, u may think its normal post but it could also create a feeling of riya’ or showing off.

*maybe i should consider making my blog private, huhu*


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