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Malay muslims

Posted on: April 20, 2015

I read on the news today abt few malay residents holding a protest against a church in their area. Apparently the church put up a large cross symbol on it’s building and these people are angry. They were holding banners saying this showed no respect to the muslims and the cross shld be removed. 

Based on the news report, they commented that this cross would influence their beliefs, may caused them to turn christian.


I know there’s a lot of people with this mindset here in malaysia. They become defensive over small matters. And most of they like to show it through harsh angry protest instead of nice discussion. 

In my opinion, seeing large cross won’t turn u into a christian. If it does, then you must question your faith and belief. It’s not bcos of the cross. 

I spend 2 years in high school in UK and its compulsory to attend the religious class. I learnt about all the religion in the world. I attend the class wearing my scarf and i cannot remember wanting to leave Islam. Infact i found it interesting to learn abt other religion. 

Then i spend another 3 years, attending university in UK. Mixing with people from different religions and having a bar next to my dorm doesnt made me drink and leave Islam. 

I dont know what is it with the people today. Causing uproar over issues like this and still did not went to pray at the mosque when it’s time. Show people the true muslims. 

I still have a lot to learn as muslims, far from perfect. I do respect other people belief and religious. I strongly support for living in peace and respect each other. 


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Well said Fiena!

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