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Money control

Posted on: May 20, 2015

This is an entry as a reminder to myself. Maybe in the future when i read it back, it would help me.
I’m not sure if i fit into a shopaholic category. I used to be, then at the thought of losing job, i started to control my spending. The thing is, most of my monthly expenses is for danish! Toys, clothes, i didn’t really go over and think about money, like how i would do if i want to spend on myself.
I work because i cannot bear the thought of not having my own money. It doesn’t matter if i spend it or save it, it’s mine. 

I read an article today abt how women these days, feeling superior over having their own money that it caused a trouble in their marriage. They were saying that women shouldn’t hold too much money as women have too many needs compared to men. 

I think thats so true. Nothing is ever enough. I want that clothes, that bag, shoes, vacation, eat at that hotel etc etc. Too many ‘wants’.

I’ve been trying on ‘less is more’. Believe me it just so hard to refrain myself from clicking ‘buy’. 

I need to control my spending. 
Save!!! Save! save!
Wish me luck!


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