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The little chef

Posted on: May 28, 2015

Danish like to help in the kitchen. He can even tell you how to cook his favourite spaghetti, well he did told the maid how to do it. It is simple really, boil the spaghetti, diced some onions and chicken, get that dolmio tomato paste and so, done! 
He been helping me with baking bread and cakes too. Obviously the mess made me nag but seeing him happy is enough to make me do it again. 
We love making pizza too. His pizza would be the one that shape like a star, or firetruck or fish. Fun! (And super messy)

This week we’ve been cooking macaroni and cheese. I let him dice the cheese, some of the chicken and ball pepper. Of course, all this using bread knife. Mac n cheese is quite easy really. Boil the macaroni. Fry the chicken, onion and pepper together until cooked. Add parmesan, cheddar and mozarella, let it melt. Mix macaroni together and u done! I think i may let him cook this by himself while i watch soon. Its really simple. 

And i noticed he ate a lot when he involved in cooking the food. 

I was looking at pinterest earlier for our next cooking project, i think i like to try the cheese crackers. Will be so much fun making all kind of shapes! 


2 Responses to "The little chef"

Good boy lah Danish the next junior master chef..Rajin tolong mommy kat dapur..pasni leh ajar Kaisara lak ek..Raya ni nak rasa lah mac n cheese Danish masak kat umah Tok đŸ˜€

Aww aunty zara, thanks. Nnti raya dtg umah k, danish jamu air n kuih tunjuk :p

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