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Waiting game

Posted on: June 19, 2015

I renewed my passport recently at Jabatan Imigresen Georgetown at Lebuh Pantai.Reached there around 7.35 am, door opened at 7.30, queued and got my no: 87. 

Yeah, 87!! I’m not sure what time those infront of me started to queue. 6 maybe? Crazy

It’s publicly advertised and known that we now can get a new passport in an hour. Yeah, an hour from the processing time, not an hour from the queing time.

My no got called around 10.15am. I get my passport at 11.30. 

Waiting is always boring. I went and had breakfast, did thought of being a tourist and check the heritage site all over the town but worried i might miss my no being called. Luckily i got to stuck with Rainbow rowelle book, “Fan Girl”. 

I’m not sure why most people didn’t bring some reading material, i mean, staring blankly waiting for 2 hours drive me crazy! Book is always the best companion while waiting. 

I had a medical check up done recently. Again, another long wait. I almost done with Nicholas Spark ‘the best of me’ by the time i’m done. Its a really sad story anyway, almost weeping at the hospital, hehe. 

So people, bring a book!! U never know when u hv to wait. 

And please bring something for ur kids too (if u hv kid), at least 3 colour pencils, blank book or mini coloring book. I don’t get it why some people snapped at their kids when the kids get restless, didn’t even bother to solve the problem by bringing something to avoid them from getting bored. 

Danish have travel bag. Everytime we go out, even to eat outside, i bring it with me. The essentials are: mini coloring book, 2/3 colour pencils, 2/3 small toys (dinosaur/cars/figurines). It help a lot and way better than giving them your tablet or phone. 


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