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Lend a helping hands

Posted on: August 3, 2015

I read few stories this morning on fb.. Sad stories. Stories full of plight, hope and sufferings. None that i have experienced. 
I read these stories daily. I subscribed to them. I donate when i can. I’m not attracted or crave for these stories, just that these stories keep me grounded.
It keep me from shopping things i want but i don’t need.

It kept me from keeping up with the Joneses. 

It made me appreciate my life, my family.

 Stuffs i didn’t appreciate much because i never lose it. Stuffs that these people pray daily for. Stuffs i take for granted. 
It doesn’t made me feel good about myself. It doesn’t made me feel superior as i have lots of stuff they don’t. 
It made me ashamed of myself. For walking away, turning a blind eye when i see them. Only able to transfer some money, not actually helping them physically. 
It made me want to better person. It made me pray to please one day, i have the courage to help them through my knowledge and action. Not hiding behind the online banking. 
It does made me a better person than yesterday. It made me smile and be kind when i see them. Dismiss any suspicions. Everybody have their own sufferings and nobody want that to happen. 
So, be nice. Be kind. If you are like me, feeling helpless and clueless in extending a helping hand, even online money transfer do help. And put them in our prayer. And to also pray that one day we have enough courage to lend a helping hand, literally. 


2 Responses to "Lend a helping hands"

I too am not good at showing empathy 😦

But that doesn’t mean I don’t feel it. Thank you for the reminder.

Anyways… kalau free, please do my 7 Question survey Fiena 🙂

p/s: the survey is about finding your passion and living your dream

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