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Discovering myself

Posted on: August 15, 2015

A friend send me a survey on finding your passion and living your dream. I shared here the questions and my answer. 

Thanks Shani for asking me, it has helped me and hope u will find what u looking for.

What were you passionate about as a child?

I remembered i played computer games a lot especially Prince of Persia. And books always excite me. I grew up with the mysteries books;nancy drew, the famous five, hardy boys. 
I’m quite passionate about science. I love my microscope, my chemistry sets and spend lots of time reading on stars and astronomy. I’m lucky my father encourage this interest by buying me all these stuffs. My ambition used to be a scientist 🙂

Then in high school, i remebered i collect poetry. I would cut poetry from papers and paste it in my book. Some i even copied word to word. I even wrote some poetry in those days.

If you didn’t have a job, how would you choose to fill those hours.
I would try to setup a business on books, crafts – stuffs i like. Maybe open a craft class for the kids, let them play with paints, water etc. 

A bakery. Held a baking class for kids. This would made me hold off from screaming NOs but at the end of the day, the little smiles and the twinkle in their eyes is worth it.

This question remind me of a dear friend who decided to quit his job and just live. Made me envious.

What makes u forget about the world around u.
When i’m doing crafts or reading book. Or spending time with family and friends, laughter and fun seems to make time goes faster.

What issues do you hold close to your heart
Poverty. Income gap. Urban poor. Kids growing up in these environment. Child abuse. Syndicate. Education.

All these issue hit me hard. I cannot imagine my son in all this situation. I am trying to do my bit but its not going to stop these issues. Felt so powerless.

What kind of conversation you have with your closest friends

Depends on which friend. Could be on marriage, relationship, kids, family, crafts, recipes or dreams of setting up a business.

What is on your bucket list.
Setup a business

raised my son well


Publish a book

Actively helping the poor and the kids

If you had a dream, could u make it happen.
Some of my dreams had happened. I’m satisfied with my life at the moment. I have experienced a lot of things that helped me who i am today. No regrets. 

I do believe i can do anything i want when i set my heart on it. Just need to work hard on it and try not to be lazy. 

I think my current issue is time constraint. If i want to setup a business, i will have to spend lots of time on it and with a 9-5 job, my time is limited. At the moment i prefer to spend my time with my son, he’s my priority. 

His dream become my priority. As what my parents had done. They spend their life and money to ensure their kids are raise well and get the best. It’s a parents sacrifice to ensure their child live better than them. The child dream become their dreams.


1 Response to "Discovering myself"

Thank you so much for your time and valuable input 🙂

Sometimes we get so tied up with our daily routines and demands we often forget what we really want in life. I always believe that it’s good to take a step back once in awhile, and put it down in writing so that we can refer to it later 🙂

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