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Posted on: October 15, 2015

Oh, i’m a busy mummy these days. Meeting danish expectation of PLAYING ALL THE TIME and society demand of CHILD GENIUS, i am struggling. 

To enter first year of primary school at 7 years old, kids will have to take an exam where they have to build sentences!

What the heck! Sentences!!! My son cannot even write his ABCs yet! Sigh

As much as i believe that kids should play as much as they want, i’m concern on his learning skills too. So there i was last sunday, printing activity worksheets of ABCs and 123s. I even bought a laminator machine. So next is me being dedicated in pushing him to write! Hard work!

I recognised that Danish is a rebellious type- didn’t like rules. Probably from me. Sigh. 

I asked him to trace some curvy wavy lines, he just go doodle on it. I rubbed it back and asked him to do it again, to follow the line exactly. He did, he trace exactly as the picture. I clapped with praises. He rubbed the perfect lines, saying it looks boring and start doodling to his own version which he said look much better! 

Yeah, in a way i am glad he’s a thinking-out-of-the-box kid but our school system sees these kind of kids as problematic and the teachers will give bad grade! 

Same with coloring. For example, a green frog will be coloured by multiple colours by Danish as he sees green is boring. I’ve got a really creative child here.

Oh, i just hope i can talk him into doing it ‘right’ in test at least. 


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