Blurt It Out!!

A letter to the past me

Posted on: January 6, 2016

Hello you,

You are 32 years old now. You hv a husband, a son, great in laws, a house, a job that u didn’t enjoy much but the timing is good.

I honestly think u r doing a great job now! All the tears and sleepless night in audit paid off! All the hardwork during school days is worth it! 
A quote i like: ” success – the harder you work, the luckier u get”.
Few things i wish i do earlier when i was younger would be:
– save more. Be wise in ur finance. Stop swiping ur credit card. Spend within your means. 
My current conflict is whether to buy a colleen colour pencil worth rm40. Yes, the old me wouldn’t bat an eye at 40 ringgit but when u r 32 and ur finance is showing negative every month, u try to choose ur purchase wisely. I try to defer any purchase as long as possible. Especially if its just a want, not a need.

– be kind. Smile more. Donate more. Be involved in charity. 

I find peace in helping people. Even for 10 ringgit. At least its better late than never!

– travel! Go on a trip , a holiday! Forgot abt new handbags or shoes or clothes. Travel make better memories than stuffs.

– no need to care much abt boys. Be friend with everybody and make a wise choice. I’m so glad i choose the person personality than looks. Choose a kind patience men. 

– be nice to parents and family. Once u married, its hard to spend time and talking with them. 

– don’t worry too much. Hv faith. Allah have best plan for you as long as u r not forgetting him. 

– be grateful of little things, big things. Of being alive, of having complete senses to having a job and a car and money in wallet. 


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