Blurt It Out!!


Posted on: May 24, 2016

As i’m getting ready for bed, i felt a bit sad on how i reacted towards danish today. We went to tesco, i relented a few of his request, shouted his name few times as he wander off on his own and as we r driving back, he said, “i’m so happy today mummy”. I just smiled, despite on how we argued earlier at tesco.

Then when we r back, i had to nagged at him to be ready for his evening class. I need that 2 hours break! A few threat from me and all is well again as i send him to class. Btw, he usually play during this ‘class’ and really looking forward to it. 

When he came back, he told me he want to play with flour. I’ve been ignoring this request for few weeks now and today i felt bad abt it. 

Danish love to cook, bake, mixing whatever ingredients and see how it turn out. He doesn’t like to follow the recipe hence my reluctant cos it wont turn out nice! 

So i gave him some flour, he mixed it with water, put a red n blue dye which turn it into purple (he loves mixing colors!, he put some sugar, squeeze some chocolate sauce and splash some sprinkles. I didn’t let him put any egg cos egg is expensive to waste huhu. And he ask me to turn on the oven. I did-knowing full well it will be a disaster. And it did. So it got thrown away.

I think i need to draw basic recipe that he can follow and do on his own next time. Cos knowing him, he wont give up and he hated assistance from other people. He wanted it to be his own dish!

As it time for sleep, we got into battle again- i screamed at him. He screamed back and went to sleep with my inlaws. Now he’s sleeping and i feel bad on how we ended our day. No hug, kisses, good night and i love u. Sigh.

Parenthood is hard! And worth it. 🙂

 I wanted him to be confidence, to support his choices and let him experience stuffs so i am giving him that platform. He can tell me whatever he want to do and i will try to provide that platform so he can experience it. It doesn’t matter how it turn out cos i want him to learn through experience. 

I loved seeing him getting creative and the ideas he came up with esp when he’s bored. I don’t entertain his boredom. Usually i just told him, look, u have all these toys, papers, colours, so many things so just do something! It’s interesting to see the ideas he came up with. 

His teacher whatsapp in the group – asking parents to practice reading with our kids. I told danish and ask him to get his book. He said he doesn’t want to. I shrugged and get empty paper, colours and told him to draw. I write down few words and in between ask him to read it. Yeah, no traditional teaching with this child, all he want to do is play. And i hope to provide that for as long as possible.


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