Blurt It Out!!

Achievement unlocked!

Posted on: June 19, 2016

Today is a meaningful day for me. I learned to cook rendang daging under my MIL guidance. 

7 years into marriage and only now i want to learn how to cook it. 

I dislike cooking malay dish though i love eating them! There just so many spices and ingredients and even then, it still doesn’t taste nice. Always a fail for me. 

Hence i usually stick to western cooking and baking. As usually it will turn out okay.

So, i plan to cook the rendang for hari raya at my parents, hopefully it will turn out good. 

Today, i cooked rendang daging and fried kuew tiow. It is an achievement as i don’t cook. My MIL and her maid are the best cook and yes, i took them for granted huhu. 

Eager to learn more recipe! đŸ™‚


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