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3 small fruits

Posted on: June 29, 2016

There’s one incident plastered in my memories, one i cannot forget.

This happen few months back and the image still fresh in my mind.

I was at tesco, queing at the cashier. In front of me is a women and a boy around 8 yrs old which i assume is her son.

They look happy as they queue. When its their turn to pay, the mother open her purse and took out few coins and paid. I was curious, what did they buy that can be paid with few coins?

The son took the plastic and i noticed inside the plastic, there’s one small red apple, a green apple and an orange. It cost them 1 ringgit.

The son beamed and looks so happy, like his mother just bought him what his heart desires. 

3 small fruits. 

I then realised how the mother tried hard to fulfil his son request. Fruits which cost her 1 ringgit. Which the 1 ringgit could be very significant for them. 

I feel like buying his son some chocs or crackers , junk food i knew kids love cos i wonder if he ever taste them. One bar of chocolate cost more than 1 ringgit and i wonder if they could afford it. 

Its just so sad and also happy to see how the boy smile widely at his mother as she pay. And i’m so glad they can buy some food at one ringgit. 

How fortunate am I? To be able to afford any my heart or family desires without counting the coins in my purse. 

This incidence is there in my memories as reminders- to not spend excessively on things i dont need , instead spend it on the needy.


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