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Posted on: July 29, 2016


We had a great and tiring raya at Jitra. I cooked rendang, it was a success as everyone commented how delicious it is. BUT damn it was so tiring-luckily only need to cook it once a year! 

On the first day of raya, we went to visit relatives on my mum side. This is what i like about raya with my parents, we will visit so many relatives and i can feel the raya spirit. 

On second day of raya, another super tiring day as my parents held their annual raya open house. Which meant i’m stuck at kitchen whole day! Washing dishes, prepare the foods. Thankfully not many guests came at night compared to previous years. Oh, saleha my ex-colleague came. Oh, i miss my KL friends so much! I’m so glad to meet her and hv a good laugh and talk.

Once all the cleaning was done, my husband lit up some firecrackers to the delight of all the kids. Danish wanted to play sparkles but my 2 y.o nephew doesn’t know how to behave yet so we just let them play pop pop. Much safer. 

Day 3- we went back to Penang. My family joined us and we stayed at vistana for the night.

Day 4- early morning swimming with Danish. I wish i could remember how to swim huhuhu. 

Then all of us gathered at my in laws, stuffing ourself with more food.

Then fatin came! I havent seen her in like 2 years and i’m just so happy to see her and her siblings!

We had great laugh just like old days. I miss the old days. 

2- 4th of july

I turned 33. And i got to celebrate it with my parents and siblings. I cannot remember when was the last time i celebrate my bday with the 2 ppl that was responsible for my existence! 

I spend whole day in the kitchen while danish keeping himself occupied with painting a huge box. I’m just so glad for that box! Keeping my son entertained for hours! Haha

Then my dad bought birthday cake and of course, the kids got to cut the cake! Hahaha.

So, it has been a great July 🙂


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