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On oppression and freedom of muslim women

Posted on: August 22, 2016

I read yet again another opinion from a western guy on muslim women. He urged for burqini to be banned. Burqini basically is a swim suit created for muslim women to wear which looks similar to diving suit. The basic is to have our body and skin covered. 

So, he claimed that muslim women are oppressed, do not have choice at all, totally being control by men in their life. 

What a stupid generalisation of all muslim women! 

I’m 33 years old now and frankly, i’ve never met this type of muslim women in my life! Maybe they exist somewhere in this world but i haven’t meet any muslim women that are oppressed and have no control over their life!

My marriage wasn’t arranged. We date for 7 years before we got married. My friend was in an abused marriage and she filed for a divorce and gotten approved by the court. We muslim women have say in our life! We can drive, we can work in any profession we want, we can study, we can argue with our husband without getting kill (thats what this western guy think) – heck, i think we have freedom just like the westerners! 

I wear scarf because i want to. I believe by covering my hair, Allah will give me more good deeds and i can be in heaven. 

It is my belief and who are you to ridicule other people beliefs? 

I just hated this generalisation. I guess somewhere the oppressed women does exist but do not generalise and assume ALL muslim women are like that.

For me, banning burqini is an oppression. I hated that i can no longer swimming with my child due to this. 

Open up your mind, travel more. Make friends with other muslim women and see if your opinion of them is true. 


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