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Tokyo Day 2

Posted on: April 6, 2017

Went to Disneyland! though the train system here is great, it was tiring changing trains and walking, as we are used to having a car and just drive the car until we reach our destination. 

It rained the whole day. Quite sad really as with rain, the weather get so cold that it’s hard to enjoy being at the happiest place in the world.

Danish love it though. he truly enjoyed everything especially the parade. its unfortunate because of the weather we cannot enjoy disneyland fully. 

as we reached around 12 pm, we started with watching one man’s dream. its a great musical show with all the disney characters. We didn’t get the best seat though so there were few scenes we can’t really see whats going on. 

then we started looking for space to sit for the parade. i’m very impressed with the staff there. they started to control the crowd quite early before the parade started. as it was raining, they even helped to wipe the bench for visitors. heck, they even swept the water on the road over and over again until the parade start.

after the ‘happiness is here’ parade, we walked towards the castle. played the famous merry go round and then off to ‘toontown’. we started with goofy’s house, splashing paints. then danish wanted to ride a roller coaster so off we went.

danish surprised me by joining me screaming when we ride the roller coaster. last time in legoland he just kept quiet and i screamed alone, hahaha. i think as i got older, roller coasters terrifies me. 

then we ride one the rocket thingy and saw frozen parade. danish enjoyed waving and shouting hello to all the characters. 

we chose the mark twain boat as our last ride. we cannot stand the rain and the cold anymore. seriously freezing and we had headache and runny nose. not a great weather to be in disneyland. So we said goodbye to Disneyland earlier than planned. Canot even stay for the night parade as it’s really freezing!

Later, we had dinner at Ayam-ya. I ordered rice with chicken and danish with his usual ramen noodles. their noodles are amazing! we didn’t enjoy the noodles at narita but this noodles at ayam-ya was really delicious. 

Ended the night with haagen daaz strawberry ice cream. It was so tasty and different from malaysian version. I kept thinking about Japan Haagen daaz ice cream, so many varieties, cheap and tasty. 


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