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Tokyo Day 3

Posted on: April 7, 2017

On the third day, we spend our day at Ameyoko Street in Ueno. Ueno is just one station away from our apartment so it’s quite convenient.

First shop that we entered was a toy shop. Japan is full with toy shops and games arcade that it’s a heaven to Danish. We spend lots of our times and yen at the grab machine and toy shop. And we managed to get 2 toys from the grab machine! Husband did that really, i’m sucked at these stuffs.

Anyway, Ameyoko street is full of everything! it’s like a market- has everything that you need. one street is full of snacks and raw food while next street has rows and rows of shoes, sneakers, perfume and handbag. 
And of course, grab machine and games arcade!

i bought a pair of adidas running shoes as the shoes i wore from malaysia is soooo uncomfortable and was hurting my feet. i got blisters that when i wore the new shoes, i felt like my feet was in some shoes heaven! hahahah.

The downside to have all these cheap shoes around you was it’s hard to get one in your size as most japanese are in small sizes. I hate that especially when i saw big sales on some really nice shoes. sigh. 

We had our lunch at chicken man there. their chicken rice is different from malaysian style and frankly, it’s not tasty but as we were really hungry, we just ate it. i think we better off eating kebab. danish seemed to really enjoyed his kebab. 

After lunch, we did another quick shopping and went home for rest.

We went out again later in the evening to Yodobashi Akiba, which is just opposite the Akihabara Station. It’s a 7 storey shop with everything. 

We checked out the watches and spend our yen at the toys floor. As a frequent toys r us shopper, i can say that the toys at this store is so much cheaper and has lots of varieties too! It’s hard to spend on good toys for rm50 in toys r us in malaysia due to limited choices but there, we are in toy heaven! hahahha. especially boys toys. i think for girls the options is bit limited but i’m not so sure as i don’t have much experience buying girls toys. 

There’s a big section on make up etc too but since i’m not a make up person, i ignore it.

I wish i have more time to browse around the shop especially at the stationery sections.


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