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Day 4 – Tokyo

Posted on: April 10, 2017

Another exciting day! We went to Gala Yuzawa ski resort to play with snow!!

As winter is coming to an end, there wasn’t any snow or traces of snow in tokyo itself. Only the cold weather to remind us that winter has not completely left yet.

So, we went to Gala Yuzawa ski resort to experience snow. Specifically for Danish to see and touch snow! It’s been one of his dreams to play with snow.

We bought a JR wide pass which covered bullet train to Gala Yuzawa. So, we took shinkansen to Echigo Yuzawa and take another train to Gala Yuzawa. 

After much researched, I found that Gala Yuzawa is the easiest ski resort to go to as the train station is inside the resort. There’s no need to take additional transport to reach the resort. 

It took us around 2 hours from Ueno station to reached Gala Yuzawa. We reached there around 1 plus and was amazed with the scenery. Snows everywhere! Thick and falling! We rent boots, gloves, ski wear and sled from the resort.

Danish started forming snow balls and throwing at daddy. He keep on saying, this is the best day of my life! Hahhaha, made all the thousands of yen cost of this trip worth it. 

We had a go at sledging. I totally don’t have skills in this though Danish aced it. He was like an expert, sledging as though it wasn’t his first time. Truly enjoyed it and it made me happy to see him like that.

The resort close at 5 plus and we want to catch the 5pm train so by 4.30 we said goodbye to the snow and the sled. 

I had initially planned to stay for a night at Echigo Yuzawa but then the idea of lugging our luggages put me off. Now I regret that, we should just bring some clothes for one night stay and leave the rest of the luggage at the apartment. 

Oh well, another reason to repeat tokyo šŸ˜‰

Once we reached Ueno, we decided to try the famous Wagyu beef at Yakiniku-Panga. 
Food in Tokyo is always expensive but dinner leaves a much bigger hole in your pocket. 

The serving is small-fit for one person or two if small eater. Danish finished most of the beef and he said it was delicious and he keep on asking for more. I tried some korean dish, bimbap is it- not sure. it was rice mixed with all different veggies. 

At least we tried and we know for future trip, we will just eat some Brahims if we don’t have budget for expensive food.

After dinner, we went to Asakusa. I wanted to see the famous shrine. It was magnificent and the light made it more beautiful. 
We also went to Don Quijote nearby for more kit kats to bring home. 

I wish we have more time and energy to wander around more. i miss the skytree area and the tower. 


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