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Day 5 Tokyo

Posted on: April 20, 2017

The initial plan was to explore Odaiba and go to car parts store. I think the main reason why my husband agreed for this trip is because of japan famous modified car parts! 

However, plan changed. We went to fire museum and only one car parts store-Up Garage.

The fire museum was wonderful. It was just next to a train station and it’s free!!! 

There’s fire trucks, helicopters that kids can try. As Danish are fans of firemen related, this museum is another dream came true for him. 

There wasn’t a lot of crowd on the day we went, maybe cos its weekdays. It would be less fun if it’s crowded as the kids will have to wait for other kids if they want to ride the trucks and helicopters. 

After the fire museum, we went to Up Garage, a car parts store. It was quite a disappointment actually as the store is quite small. We should have gone to super auto bacs as i read the store is much bigger. However the distance to super auto bacs was quite far from our location hence we decided for Up Garage.

We had to walk quite a distance from Up Garage to the nearest train station that it made all of us quite cranky as we didn’t have our lunch yet so we were hungry and tired. 

We found a playground while we walked so Danish had a chance to release some of the stress. We went to family mart near the station for some onigiri and hot fries.

Then we went to Sushi Ken for dinner. It was expensive, we should have gone there for lunch as it’s cheaper. Oh well, at least we tried some sushi in Tokyo.

That end our day. All the walking made us so tired!


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