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Boarding school 

Posted on: April 28, 2017

Life is unpredictable and u just can’t plan life.

I was outraged with the recent incident occurred here. An 11 years old boy died after being beaten by his school warden. His legs had to be amputated and the doctors was scheduling to amputate his arm too when he died. 

He entered the boarding school with high hopes. The school didn’t allow any communication outside school for 40 days and it was during this time his nightmare began.

I wouldn’t allow my son to go to boarding school. Nope, he’s staying with me until 18. Then he can go to college and university of his choice. 

I believe at 18 he will have enough maturity and responsibility for his own life. He’ll be able to speak up and act on it if something is wrong. That he understand he doesn’t need to be scared of anybody at whatever authority level if his life is in danger.

Before he get to 18, he’s staying with me.

I spend my high school life in boarding school. I hated it. I resented the rules, the teachers, the wardens and the prefects. I broke lots of rules just to prove my points that those rules are stupid. Purposely breaking the rules. 

Those were the stages in my life that I didn’t miss and hardly remember. However it did teach me about life, it did in some way shape me and the teachers did contribute tremendously to my education. But I hated it. I felt fear if someone come to me and say they’ve got a time machine and we will go back to your boarding school time. In a way the experience did affect me psychologically in a negative way. 

So, I hope my son won’t be attending any boarding school. And I really hope the ministry of education can come up with stricter regulations to ensure students safety at school.


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