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Hari raya

Posted on: July 17, 2017

Hari raya is almost nearing to an end. We celebrated it in Penang for 2 days and went back to Kedah for few days. 

There wasn’t much activities when celebrating it in Penang as my in laws doesn’t really go out and visit other people, instead we just stayed at home and entertained guests who came.

I had quick catch up wih some friends when I went back to Kedah. Managed to see Zara and Fatin. It was great though I wish we have more time to chit chat and I wished I could have visit other friends.

It’s less tiring this year as my father limit the number of guests for our open house his year. Unlike previous years where almost everybody was invited and I had to spend whole day until night at the kitchen- washing, preparing foods etc. It’s really hard when there’s so many guests as I didn’t have time to chats with them, quite an unfortunate really.

Danish enjoyed his hari raya I think. All the duit raya and fire crackers, and friends and cousins- yeah, best time! It’s so easy being a kid.

Selamat hari raya.

I loved my ramadhan this year. I got reflected about myself and Islam. In a way, I understand more about Islam and Quran and I see myself striving more to become a better Muslim. 
It’s good, I was clueless before, performing the prayers etc without much feeling and actual understanding.

We can have the knowledge but it’s the thought that matters.
We can have the knowledge but we doesn’t really see it through our heart which end up useless. I’m trying to see it through my heart now. 


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