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On the third day, we spend our day at Ameyoko Street in Ueno. Ueno is just one station away from our apartment so it’s quite convenient.

First shop that we entered was a toy shop. Japan is full with toy shops and games arcade that it’s a heaven to Danish. We spend lots of our times and yen at the grab machine and toy shop. And we managed to get 2 toys from the grab machine! Husband did that really, i’m sucked at these stuffs.

Anyway, Ameyoko street is full of everything! it’s like a market- has everything that you need. one street is full of snacks and raw food while next street has rows and rows of shoes, sneakers, perfume and handbag. 
And of course, grab machine and games arcade!

i bought a pair of adidas running shoes as the shoes i wore from malaysia is soooo uncomfortable and was hurting my feet. i got blisters that when i wore the new shoes, i felt like my feet was in some shoes heaven! hahahah.

The downside to have all these cheap shoes around you was it’s hard to get one in your size as most japanese are in small sizes. I hate that especially when i saw big sales on some really nice shoes. sigh. 

We had our lunch at chicken man there. their chicken rice is different from malaysian style and frankly, it’s not tasty but as we were really hungry, we just ate it. i think we better off eating kebab. danish seemed to really enjoyed his kebab. 

After lunch, we did another quick shopping and went home for rest.

We went out again later in the evening to Yodobashi Akiba, which is just opposite the Akihabara Station. It’s a 7 storey shop with everything. 

We checked out the watches and spend our yen at the toys floor. As a frequent toys r us shopper, i can say that the toys at this store is so much cheaper and has lots of varieties too! It’s hard to spend on good toys for rm50 in toys r us in malaysia due to limited choices but there, we are in toy heaven! hahahha. especially boys toys. i think for girls the options is bit limited but i’m not so sure as i don’t have much experience buying girls toys. 

There’s a big section on make up etc too but since i’m not a make up person, i ignore it.

I wish i have more time to browse around the shop especially at the stationery sections.

Went to Disneyland! though the train system here is great, it was tiring changing trains and walking, as we are used to having a car and just drive the car until we reach our destination. 

It rained the whole day. Quite sad really as with rain, the weather get so cold that it’s hard to enjoy being at the happiest place in the world.

Danish love it though. he truly enjoyed everything especially the parade. its unfortunate because of the weather we cannot enjoy disneyland fully. 

as we reached around 12 pm, we started with watching one man’s dream. its a great musical show with all the disney characters. We didn’t get the best seat though so there were few scenes we can’t really see whats going on. 

then we started looking for space to sit for the parade. i’m very impressed with the staff there. they started to control the crowd quite early before the parade started. as it was raining, they even helped to wipe the bench for visitors. heck, they even swept the water on the road over and over again until the parade start.

after the ‘happiness is here’ parade, we walked towards the castle. played the famous merry go round and then off to ‘toontown’. we started with goofy’s house, splashing paints. then danish wanted to ride a roller coaster so off we went.

danish surprised me by joining me screaming when we ride the roller coaster. last time in legoland he just kept quiet and i screamed alone, hahaha. i think as i got older, roller coasters terrifies me. 

then we ride one the rocket thingy and saw frozen parade. danish enjoyed waving and shouting hello to all the characters. 

we chose the mark twain boat as our last ride. we cannot stand the rain and the cold anymore. seriously freezing and we had headache and runny nose. not a great weather to be in disneyland. So we said goodbye to Disneyland earlier than planned. Canot even stay for the night parade as it’s really freezing!

Later, we had dinner at Ayam-ya. I ordered rice with chicken and danish with his usual ramen noodles. their noodles are amazing! we didn’t enjoy the noodles at narita but this noodles at ayam-ya was really delicious. 

Ended the night with haagen daaz strawberry ice cream. It was so tasty and different from malaysian version. I kept thinking about Japan Haagen daaz ice cream, so many varieties, cheap and tasty. 

We went to tokyo early last month. I was so excited and been planning the itinerary for months! It’s our first long flight trip with Danish.

We departed from KL via ANA airlines on sunday morning and reached Narita airport in the evening. After clearing the immigration, we walked in circle looking for halal food at the airport. Anyway, it was at level 5- food court area. We tried some noodle, prawn tempura, chicken karaage and the taste was quite bland. i think i preferred sushi kings better, hahaha. 

Anyway, then we took Keisei skyliner to our airbnb at Nippori. After searching airbnb site for months, i decided on this apartment because there’s a direct train from narita, the host allowed late check out with no extra charges, there’s lift, and i saw in one of the comments, the host provide fresh towels every 2 days.

In the end, i felt that we made a right choice staying there, i really like the house and area and the host is living next door so if there’s anything he can help. he spoke english very well too.

So we didn’t go out or anything on the first day as it was so exhausting. missing my younger days where i can travel all day and my bones didn’t ached.

I downloaded drop box to back up my photos. I’ve had dropbox account for years but rarely use it. So when i login, i found some old photos that i saved there.

One of them is my photo and video with danish just before his operation when he was 2 years old.

I remembered the moment. Though it was a minor operation, there’s so many what if in our mind.

I forwarded the photo and video to my husband. He replied saying, maybe Allah intended for us to only have one kid. And he is special.

I cried reading that because Danish is just so special. 

 I remembered how i cried when i knew i was pregnant. It wasn’t a happy tears. I cried because i realised then that the baby will affect my career. I have to settle down and not chasing the corporate ladder. 

Now i felt so grateful that at least i have one child. That even at that time i was uncertain whether im ready to be a mother, Allah knows. And HE is the best planner.

My dear Danish, you are a wonderful gift to us. May you grow to be a kind wonderful man and successful in everything you do. 

There’s no regret in leaving my career and choose to be with you.


Posted on: November 27, 2016

I watched a movie called “me before you” earlier. It was based on a book by Jojo Moyes. I’ve read several of her books but not this one so i don’t have any expectation before watching.

It was a happy, funny and terribly sad movie. I kept wiping my tears. It does made me think though. How we are encouraged to keep fighting and never give up when faced with terminal illness or permanent disability. But there are some people who think life actually is over when they are disable or with terminal illness and wished to be put to death. And they get their wishes.

I read about a women who requested to be put to death as she encountered a no-cure illness. She did a farewell party few days before. 

I guess it was heart breaking for the family and friends but the reason they have when they decide to do it is quite reasonable too. 

It’s similar to suicide. 

I also watched a movie about Stephen Hawking few months back. I truly admire him. For me, his spirit and determination to keep on living is such an inspiration. He’s totally 100% dependable on people and he didn’t give up. Or maybe it’s called selfish, doesn’t mind burdening other people with caring for him 24/7. His wife is just the best, devoting most of her life to him and their kids. Even now that they have divorced (he had an affair!) , she still live nearby and visited him often. 

For me, i would choose to live if there’s people who love me and doesn’t mind to carry the burden. 

Though i’m praying to always be grant with good health all through my life.

Well hello there september.I just got discharged from hospital earlier this afternoon. 

Apparently i’ve gotten virus from danish, he was admitted couple of days earlier due to poisoning and i started experienced vomiting, nausea etc the following day.

It was horrible! I vomit everything i ate and nothing i ate can calm my tummy. I cannot sleep either.
So off to hospital i went.

I’m feeling bit better now but i hv to really monitor my food and take them frequently. No dieting here! 
We are going to japanese for dinner and i actually googled, does japanese food made u gassy.. Huhuhu.

Anyway, from my google result, my best bet is fish so i’m gonna order salmon later. And avoid all other stuffs. 

Anyway, we went to langkawi last weekend. Together with my parents and siblings. Our first family holiday with everybody. 
And literally after we reached penang from langkawi, danish got admitted due to food poisoning. What a vacation! Luckily it didn’t happen while we were in langkawi!
Langkawi trip on next entry! I’m off to dinner!

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