Blurt It Out!!

New path


So, we decided to get married.

And I’m actually very scared of it.

It’s not that I’m scared of the commitment.

I’m scared of losing the love.


I’ve seen so many unhappy marriages that made me wonder, how sure I am that my marriage won’t ended up that road.


Yes, there’s no way to confirm which path I will end up. So, either goes with my fear and end up being alone for the rest of my life or, get married and tried as best as my partner and I can to make sure the marriage works!


I read somewhere that marriage will work if these 2 people involved work together. It is not about finding your true love or the right partner. Or ‘The One’. It will work when both people work together to make it work. And both people respect each other. I do think that most marriage screw up when respect is no longer in place. Ego took over. Then, arguments began.


Another thing that made me scared of marriage is I’m afraid he will change after we got married. I’m very scared when I read about wife being beaten up by the husband. Especially when before marriage, the guy was so soft spoken, “pijak semut pon tak mati”.

Anyway, my friends and I decided to keep watch on each other. If friends think I need help, then they must help me. Shouldn’t left me being beaten up in the name of love.


Well, I just hope and pray my marriage going to be ok. There might be small arguments here and there, just hope it always small. Not big. No slapping etc. I am very scared of being abused that I always told him, anything happen, I will file for a divorce. I hope I will not end up like some women that letting their husband abused them with a hope that he will change. A leopard cannot change its spot.




So, I guess I’m engaged 😛


It was held on 1st January 2009, begin the new year with a big step.

I’m sorry to those who were not informed. It’s just a simple event, no hantaran, no khemah or pelamin etc. Just me, his family, my family and a ring. Infact, less than 5 people know about this.. hehehe.


I think it’s a good things everything was simple. I didn’t want to get engaged anyway, want to go straight to tok kadi.. hahahha


Initially we want our parents to meet each other, so I thought just do ‘merisik’ lah. But then they decided to discuss about wedding date and preparation everything and so it turn into engagement ceremony.


So people, clear off your calendar for end of June (MAYBE 27th). To my dear friends, please please come. I know Kedah is far but airlines are having sale right now!! Seriously, I flew with MAS last weekend and it’s only worth RM60!! Way cheaper than Air Asia. Of course, advance booking is required.


June may seem far but with I’m still not sure if I’ve got time to do preparation. Heck, checking out wedding dresses give me headache okay!! I even spent 2 hours at one goldsmith to find my engagement ring!! Aiyoooo




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