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Just finished watching Serendipity, a classic i love. Watching it again and again, never get boring.

I like the idea of serendipity. But watching it, i couldn’t help feeling bad for their heartbroken partners. They’ve been together for years and was about to get married when they got dumped, for the sake of soulmates. Quite harsh actually.

I’ve read somewhere that soulmate doesn’t mean being together. U doesn’t need to ended up with your soulmate, but if u do, lucky you. I believe in doing best and honest in the relationship, doesn’t need to have a soulmate.

So if you found what u think a soulmate when u already have a partner, shouldn’t dump ur partner for ur soulmate. Let it be a good memory. Cherish what u have.

However if you’re single, then u better get that soulmate! 😉


Started February with my husband got admitted for dengue. It was terrible and his BP (blood pressure) rose quite high too. Like double worries. Alhamdulillah he recovered and our plan to celebrate Danish’s birthday during the cny holiday goes according to plan.

Danish request to go to Sunway Lagoon for his birthday but the idea of stuck in jam during the chinese new year holiday didn’t look good. So I told him about Escape Penang.

Danish loves adventure and climbing, doing all the challenging stuff so Escape would suit him.

We stayed at Hard Rock Hotel on Thursday as the hotels were lot cheaper on cny eve. We could never get that rate during normal days.

Hard rock was fine, we think Golden Sands Resort still the best though. The price for both hotels are not much difference but Golden Sands is more spacious and big. It felt quite cramped at Hard Rock actually, especially at the pool and breakfast.

Anyway, we went to Escape on the next day.

Escape Penang has adventure park and waterpark. The admission rate covers both park. And if u buy early through online, the price is so much cheaper.

Danish totally enjoyed both park. We stayed until they close-6 pm. I was so tired but i’m happy that he’s happy. He’s so brave that he wanted to do all the scary games. He did bungee jumping, clinging from a rope, swaying like tarzan and repeat the waterslides over and over again. Apparently the slides is currently the biggest in Asia!

What did I do? Other than capturing Danish happy moments, I made a fool out of myself.

Danish forced me to try the easiest challenge, where u have to complete the whole thing which involve flying fox, stepping on thin rope etc . Guess what, I got stuck. Yeap, stuck in the middle, cannot move, begging to be let down, almost almost crying. And bless him, my dear sweet boy, the whole time keep encouraging his mummy , u can do it mummy! slowly u can!

I did finished the whole thing and told him i’m not doing anything else!

I wasn’t like this before. I did absailing, rollercoasters when I was younger. But now my body, get tired easily and can’t move swiftly as before. I’m not that fit anymore. I guess i need to exercise more but i’m too lazy. the only exercise i did these days was jogging around the park during weekend.

Anyway, i still enjoyed Escape though and truly wish I could do more. As for Danish, he kept asking when are we going again. Told him , maybe next year.

Fortunately for the long public holidays, I’ve got 2 days to nurse my aching body.

Oh, happy 7th birthday Danish. I hope you will always be brave and enjoy life. I love you so much.


Posted on: January 25, 2018

I lost few friends today. They got laid off and i’m being one of the few that remains. My time will come soon too, just a bit later than them.

I felt sad, my lunch companions has left me all alone. I lost few best friends. That thought of being alone felt so lonely, as i’m used to having them with me.

It’s a sad day. I expected to get the hit but ended up being the last one standing. It doesn’t felt good, in fact i felt guilty. Aren’t we supposed to get hit together?

I prayed to Allah to give me the best and I guess this is the best plan. I have to accept it and get on with life. I hope those affected got new job soon. 😦

It’s 2018 now. So many things happened that i didn’t jot down here. Will try to remember and put it here now.

December vacation

Our company shutdown on the last week of December, forcing us to have a vacation. As we didn’t really go anywhere since school holiday started, we just opt to spend 2 nights at Batu Feringgi.

It’s convenient to be living a short distance from tourist area, a short drive and there we were, with lots of hotels to choose from!

We chose golden sands resort. Been reading great reviews about it and Hard Rock Hotel was fully booked anyway.

We love the hotel. The pools were amazing. There’s few pools so even though hotel was packed with people, there’s always space at the pools. They also have slides, that big water bucket that splash everybody and few sprinklers.

Overall, Danish enjoyed the pool, with sunburnt to prove it.

The hotel also have a play area which they called the Adventure Zone. There’s few types of huge tall slides where kids find it fun. Seriously, I never thought kids can spend sliding for few hours but yeah, kids find it fun and do it over and over again for few hours.

They also have kids club where at certain time everyday, there’s fun activities. Sadly Danish didn’t got a chance to join that as he preferred the pool and the slides more.

We tried their dinner buffet on our second night, hmm, the foods was okay. It was not a weekend buffet. Still, so far for hotel buffet, we preferred Evergreen Laurel Hotel. As for weekend buffet, we think Park Royal’s have the best buffet spread. Though it’s so far at Batu Feringgi.

But we do like their breakfast buffet. It was at 2 location; at the hotel cafe near the lobby or another cafe at the beach.

On the first day, we had breakfast at the cafe by the beach. The choices are limited compared to the other cafe but it feels good, having breakfast, on the beach, hearing the sound of waves, and birds pecking at the food crumbs nearby.

The next day we had breakfast at the cafe near the lobby as we woke up late. It’s great that their breakfast time ended at 11, just nice for people like us :p

Danish said this is the best hotel, with Hotel Royal Chulan at the Curve KL being second place. We love staying there too cos it’s so convenience to go to the curve, kidzania, ikea and they have ice skating in the hotel itself.

I just loves hotels 😀

We experienced a terrible flood on the early morning of 5th november.

I was being waken around 1.30am, husband shouting, “water is coming in!! Quick!”

We immediately piled up our bed with clothes, books, toys and all the stuff that we thought might get wet.

This was the second time the flood got too high and entered our house. Previously was in September, the water level inside the house was at our knee.

My in laws have stayed at that house for 30 years and though flood is frequent in that area, the water never entered the house. It just stayed at the front porch, creating a huge pool.

My father in law has made the house base higher to avoid flood, thus all this while we were safe.

Not this time.

Once the water is in, it get high pretty quickly. Around 4am, it was at waist level, and covered up all the dining table and our beds. We piled up lots of stuff on top of the cabinets, dining table etc and saw with horror as the water swallowed the tables and cabinets. The television dived deep into the water. Outside the rain kept pouring in. The water currents were so strong.

It was really scary, horrifying and bad.

My father in law kept on calling for rescue but all we got is, “hang on there, this flood is really bad and we are trying our best to rescue everyone”.

We placed Danish on top of a cabinet, holding him.

“ Mummy are we going to die?”

Heartbreaking and scary.

“No, boat will come and rescue us. Don’t worry”

It was the worst experience for me.

Around 6am, we saw boat passed. We shouted for help but the boat didn’t stop. Water keep on rising.

I wonder again, will the rain stop or will we die?

Another boat passed around 7am and rescued us.

Another experience, floating in the life jacket, drifting towards the boat.

Outside, the water level is above my head.

If our house wasn’t high, we all would have died.

It was surreal. i’m still shaking as i wrote this, but i felt the need for it to be documented.

We stood in the flood from 2am until boat rescued us at 7am.

Luckily rain started to stop around 9/10am. The water quickly subside.

We went to my FIL office after the boat rescued. His office was not affected by the flood.

I actually felt so angry at him cos all of us have told him a lot of times to move out from that house. But he loves the house too much. I felt like if he agrees to move out then we wouldn’t have to experience this.

We got so lucky that rain stopped and no life is lost. But, what about the future?

We got home to a muddy house.

I didn’t go to office the whole week, cleaning up.

My car got flooded as well. We have actually moved it to a much higher place earlier and it still get flooded. I have just changed to new car 4 months back.

I cried over the pain, the tiredness, stuff lost, the cleaning up process and savings to be used to repair the damage.

3 weeks has passed. We bought a new mattress, my room still cluttered but the cleaning process is done.

Despite this terrible disaster, there’s some silver lining:

– my father let me borrow his car so I can go to work with ease

– we have savings and money to replace the lost stuff and pay the repair cost (though i still feel bitter about it)

– no lives lost

We are still better off than a lot of people. For that I am grateful and thankful.

Posted on: September 13, 2017

Today is a bluerghhhh no mood kinda day. I feel like going home and sleep but it’s hard to get peaceful sleep when my son would be peeking every half an hour asking, “are u ok now mummy? can u play with me?”

So here I am at office, boss is on holiday and i’m praying hard no one else comes and disturb my peace.

My latest project is skincare and makeup. I got embarrassed when out of the blue, while we were on the way to a wedding, my son asked me, “do u have lipstick mummy? do u have makeup?”

I guess my natural looks is quite bad so I took that into heart and bought myself some lipstick and powder the next day!

I’m fascinated with make up, how it can completely transform your looks but there just so many stuff that I ended up ignore and decide to go bare face.

All these years and I don’t have any makeup! The first time I wear nice makeup is on my wedding day and hardly wear anything except a little bb cream ever since.

I figured it’s time to take care of my face properly. I will try to learn about makeup and skincare etc.

On the first day I went to work with some powder and lipstick on my face, my colleagues, boss and even the cleaning lady complimented me! Danish was the happiest, saying u r so pretty mummy. My husband however felt a little suspicious but I assured him i’m doing all this due to Danish.

I still don’t wear full makeup, but I’m starting to take interest and learn. My aim for now is to take care of my skin so almost every day i’m googling about it. There’s so much stuff with so many names and benefits. Mind boggling!

So, that’s my latest project. My salary is now spent on skincare and makeup and they are expensive! Sigh. Hope it’s a good investment.

1. Annual langkawi holiday

We have always enjoyed Langkawi so we spend first week of August there. There’s a lot of attractions to keep Danish entertained and tasty foods which both my husband and I enjoyed. I still cannot get over the ikan bakar! Sadly, it’s hard to get ikan bakar in Penang.

We spend 4 days there this time. Actually I was thinking of going to Redang but there’s no direct flight from Penang. The idea of going with bus or driving looks more tiring so, Langkawi it is.

We stayed at The Villa near Pantai Cenang on the first day. It was a boutique hotel- the room was spacious and the whole area has balinese ambience to it. We enjoyed their pool too.

We went to Manhattan Fish Market at Cenang mall for early dinner. The food was awesome! Seriously, so tasty and fresh. Then we walked around pantai cenang. The beach was super busy and crowded. There’s not much space to even build a sandcastle. Just so many activities and people.

Early next morning, we went to Crocodile Adventure Farm. Danish wanted to go there again. We got him to choose between the bird park and this, he chose this.

We paid for a package which included guide, crocs feeding and fishing. Danish wanted to take photo holding small crocodile-eewwww

I hardly touch it, the idea of touching or holding it made me nauseous. Luckily Danish is braver and adventurous.

Then he started ‘fishing’ with the crocodile. Basically they tied small piece of chicken to the fishing rod and you can give it to the crocs. More like playing tug of war with the croc, them biting the chicken and u tried to keep the rod from being broken.

On the 3rd and final day, it rained. We wanted to try the duck bus tour and it wasn’t available. We wanted to try the atv but can’t as the road was slippery due to the rain. We wanted to book a boat and fishing but the boat operators said it’s dangerous as the wind and the wave is too strong. So most of the time we just enjoyed the pool and the tasty foods. Nonetheless we still enjoyed Langkawi.

2. Minor surgery

I had a minor surgery last 2 weeks. It was a shock but alhamdulillah it was just a benign. I was scared thinking it could be worse. I got a week off which I spend wisely on korean dramas :p

3. Merdeka

Danish told me at the last minute that he need to wear a merdeka costume to school the next day. We quickly went to Mydin, bought some flags and I spend hours seeing the flag to his clothes. It was simple but big achievement for me as if i’ve known earlier, i would have just ask a tailor to make him some merdeka baju melayu or something.

So far, a colourful August.

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