Blurt It Out!!

Please, be nice

Posted on: March 18, 2014

Why is it so hard to talk nicely to other people?

It seems that there are some people, when they talk, they said hurtful words, most of the time, i think, its intentionally.

E.g, my husband’s cousin. Each time we met at family event etc, she will comment on how fat i am! Everytime! Me, fat? She should look at the mirror before saying i’m fat! Ok, that is not nice but i didn’t say it at her face! I still have some manners though i feel like cursing her.

I don’t get it. Why she hv to spoil my mood? Why she can’t just avoid saying anything about being fat and just ask hows my week or what i think about the weather lately? Why???

Why is this kind of behaviour exist? If u cannot say anything nice, shut up!

And i hate it when people said things like, “i know its not my business but i just want to advise u… Don’t take it too personally, just a reminder”
Seriously, what the ….??? If u know what u gonna say going to hurt the other party, again, SHUT UP!!! Smile.. Ughhh

Note to u guys n myself. Shut up n smile if u hv nothing nice to say. The world will be a much happier place to live in.


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